Enchanted Dragon Tattoos

Martin J. Walls

37 yrs old

Tattoo Artist / Manager

Tattooing since 1999

Very Happily Married

Tattooing has allowed me to be more of what I wanted to be. I'm a family man that loves to spend time with my wife and kids. They are the reason I tattoo, so I can come home to them every night. Tattooing has also allowed me to be able to express my artistic side through the medium of skin and ink. I would have to say that Black and Grey has fallen into my lap as my niche within this industry. Though I love color tattoo's, most referrals are for my Black and Grey work. I love to detail out at tattoo to give it that special touch and uniqueness. Most people who end up in my chair have no clue I'm a hard core Christian that is not afraid to speak truth to anyone regarding the historical accuracy of  Christ and the real facts concerning Christ. It's the evidence that was the clincher for me and my faith in Christ.

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Enchanted Dragon
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